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Here you will find conference places in Gothenburg and the West Coast. Gothenburg is the second largest urban area in Sweden and is located on the west side of our elongated country. The West Coast in Sweden is often called  “Sweden´s front“ or “the best coast” because of the beautiful barren nature, the salty seawater, the bare rocks, because of the sailboats, the fresh seafood and not the least for the known, local Gothenburg humor. The big shipyards in the City of Gothenburg and the coastline with the unique fishing booths and the soft rocks are well known. The closest neighbor is Norway and the capital Oslo.

Gothenburg is a big city where you can find all sorts of Conference hotels, day conference, old gilded premises to big convention halls with the best technique. But you can also find small conference places far out in the Gothenburg Archipelago, where you can only get by boat and spend time with the bare rocks, the salty water, and perhaps the seal colonies.

The West Coast is famous for the excellent fish and seafood. Mackerel, freshly caught lobster and newly cooked crab and shrimps. Recommended activities here is often at sea, rib boats, sailing regattas, fishing and so on.

Children that have spent summer holidays on the West Coast will remember with warmth fishing small crabs with a mussel shell in a string by the bridge.

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