Here you can find places to arrange a meeting in Stockholm, and it´s more substantial region and search for yourself and find everything from smaller conference hotels to big conference centers.

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and the biggest city in the country it´s also the fifth northernmost city in the world. Here you can come for any conference or event. You will find conference hotels in the middle of the town, at the Arlanda Airport, at castles and mansions just outside Stockholm, in the archipelago, with recreation & SPA facilities and of course all the excellent party premises.

Stockholm is often called Venice of the North because of all the water, the islands, the bridges and the mainland. It is a big city with nature just around the corner located by the Baltic Sea and the archipelago. With the island Åland and the countries Finland, Estonia and Lettland as the closest neighbors across the water. You can arrange a conference at one of the big ferries that are frequently crossing the Baltic Sea between these countries.

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